What is UI and UX?

In the time of the rapidly progressing storm of digital technology, UI and UX are playing an important role in implementing our interplay with technology. These two are very closely connected with each other and oftentimes mentioned together though these two have individual roles as well as purpose. Nevertheless of having individual purpose, these two are mention together as “UI/UX design” as well as

have become the central material of the creation in effective digital product and service. Although these two fall under the same roof in the world of web designing, they have totally different definitions. 

Sometimes the people who are new in the world of web designing, get confused between these two whether these two are the same or different. But it is really necessary to know deeply about what is UI and Ux designing as these two are the inseparable pillars of the web designing world. If you are also one of them who is confused between these two then you are in the right place . Because here we are going to explain each and every topic that is related to what is UI and UX design with major key points. In this guide we are  going to explore and demonstrate the essence of what is UI and UX, the differences between UI and UX and which is the most important between these two. So let’s begin the exploration :  

What is UI design ?

UI design is the abbreviation of user interface design Which we (the users ) mainly see in the front of any web page for any app. It is an Strategic based digital development product. It Encounters users with its  layout which is visually aesthetic. It can make complicated functionalities easy to the users by user friendly designs .

There are some important key points that should be known while exploring about what is UI design and these are – 

Attractive visual  : In a web page or an app there are some buttons which can make the webpage or app user friendly, there is a front page or some icons etc that can appeal to the users to use the website or app by only its visual appearance. This is called an attractive visual.

Organised Layout :The info layout (For example : the navigation menu)  in any web page or app is well organised . This is the thing that the designers make it think about the users’ needs. So, it is an important point in Ui design.

Consistency: Consistency is a must for flawless good user experience. And a web page of an app can only be successful in satisfying its user if it has consistency. That’s  why it is a major keypoint of UI design.

What is UX design ?

UX design is the abbreviation of user experience design which is a much bigger way to deal with visually and also works with interactive features of digital products .Its pivotal role is to make user centric easy, usable, effective and enjoyable experiences. 

There are Some important key points that can be helpful to understand deeply about “What is UX design” and these are : 

Data Construction : UX design is something that can construct the data and navigate digital products  in a soothing way which is helpful to users to search about their needy data.

Satisfiedly Designed : The motive of UX design is to generate the connections among the users and the product to exacerbate users’ reliability and satisfaction in a positive way. 

Speed/Performance : It works in the factors like page performance and loading times which can assure frustration free experience  to the users . It is one of the major key points of UX design.

The Differences between UI and UX : 

Although UI and UX design sounds somewhat similar but there are huge differences between these two and the differences between these two are shown below –

Focusing –

UI and UX design has extensive difference in focusing. The UI design focuses on exterior looks and works on “how a product can look appealing to the users”. On other hand, the UI design works on overall preferences and needs of the users that can be supportive to solve the problems that the users are facing  and make the web page or app easily operated to the users.

Necessary Skills –

The necessary skills for UI design are visual enhancement, graphics designing  and organising layouts, consistency etc. On the contrary data construction and development, user psychology research is necessary for UX design.

Screen limitation –

UX design is unable to be limited on screen as it is a complete experience. But UI design is limited to the screen as it always works around the visual interface of the screen.

Depends on –

UI design depends on Users needs which should  be appealing  but UX design depends on Clients requirement.

what is UI and UX ?

Goals : 

The goal of UX design is to assure the products are easy to use so that users can have a positive experience. On the other hand , the goal of UI design is to attract the users with visual effects with the brand’s identity.

Which is the most important between UI and UX : 

Apparently some think that UI design is the most important among these two while some think UX design is the most important. But UI design and UX design are equally important as these two are inextricably linked to each other. So none of them is less important than another.

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