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In today’s rapidly progressing time  Design is known as the most leading important things in product development and User experience .It is helpful to creating mesmerising User experience in this dynamic  digital world. For this reason different kinds of design tools are made and figma is one of  these tools . The writers, product managers and developers as well as Designer mostly use this tool for their projects. But people who are new in this profession get confused about it or sometimes the professionals who want to improve their skills may search for the best figma courses

That’s why we are here to discuss the best figma courses with some of  the basic information and features about figma. The discussion is elaborated below  : 

Basic information about figma : 

Before suddenly diving into the best figma courses it is important to know some basic  info about it . So that things will get easier to understand. Figma is a kind of free to use tool with a collaborative interface that works for designing websites, digital products as well as mobile apps. It is a very easy to learn and use tool that is very helpful for designers who work based on online projects .

Some Features of Figma : 

There are some features subsisted in Figma and those are –

Transform and Select :  Transform and Select :  Transform and select are the initial concepts of Figma. These features approve the designers to change and make any kind of adjustment that they need to work properly on their project. The Select has the capacity to obtain access over the properties like – position , style and size . And the Transform has the capacity to arrange the selected objects by resizing , rotating as well as aligning . 

Style : The Style has the ability of modifying designs as updated. It can change the fonts, colours , effects and properties which can make a unique interface. 

Properties : The properties own the ability of controlling in detail over the  visual of design components . It can give the right to set up the functional perspective and appearance of designing sites or mobile apps. 

Prototyping : Prototyping is one of the major phases in the design which also goes with Figma. This is a tool used for capturing the concepts of designing and it can also test on users. This tool is known for the advanced level of Figma learners.

After knowing about the basic info and features of Figma , now we can move to the concept called Best Figma course .

Best Figma Course : 

Learn Figma by Udemy:

It is a course provided by Udemy which has a 4.5 rating in score 19000 enrollment of students. It is a mini but informative course from which one will be able to learn Figma for Web designing as well as graphics designing.

Figma course by ZTM : 

It is a course made by Andrei Negaoie with his team which is available on ZTM (Zero Master Academy). This course is get begins from the very basics like exploring about the interface and creating files as well as toolbars and panels. Also  it also introduces one with adding a payment page, customising buttons and fonts and colours  and so on. 

Figma : Getting started by Pluralsight

It is an online course by Pluralsight which begins with dealing with primary shapes and properties that will be customizable and ends with getting advanced with shapes and tools . This course mainly focuses on user interface and that’s why these above noted tools are needed.

Figma course by Figma : 

It is a resourceful Figa course which anyone can find on the official Youtube channel of Figma. This course does not require any skill level. So, anyone who may be a beginner or intermediate or in  advanced level, any person of this skill type will be able to take this course . Also the point to be noted is that it is a free course. 

Figma to Web Flow –  Full web design by Udemy: 

It is a paid course by Udemy of  $84.99  dollars. It is a course that is starting from very basic and the learners can gradually develop their skills with time as this course includes working with profile pages, website pages and pages of apps which are commercial.

Figma essentials course for beginners – 

In this course the journey starts about being familiar with Figma essential. By beginning with Figma essentials, one who is totally new in this world , will be able to make a strong foundation in this field . These types of courses may provide the groundwork to the beginners which will help them to be professional in future . By understanding the fundamental principles  one will be able to gain confidence to navigate the Figma platform with efficiency . The fundamental principles are : Figma interface, manipulating text, artboard and shapes as well as layers. It also assures the introduction with real time collaboration features.

Intermediate Figma course for skill development : 

After the groundworks with Figma Essentials it is now time for developing your skills . This course will be helpful to dive into very deeper to know about the capabilities of Figma. This course includes prototyping , Vector editing, and is helpful in leveraging component libraries as well as masking. By doing this course one will be able to work with more complex interfaces with collaborative skills.

Figma For designing  UX and UI  : 

UX and UI are holding a huge importance in the digital field. The Figma courses will be able to create the designs which may be both user centric and visually appealing. This course includes wireframing, user testing, research work etc. 

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